Earthquake Warning

This is how Daphney slept with her litter mates and dog Mommy every night before we came to know her. Beagles snuggle in tight for warmth and love. It’s adorable.

So how does Daphney sleeps with her new human family every night?  We love that she has transferred her need to cuddle to her new family, still desiring to be close for warmth and love.

It is hard to resist her sweet sleepy face wanting to snuggle in for the night. And since we are her replacement dog family, I feel I’m obligated as her Momma.

Yesterday morning at 4:02am, Daphney woke up frightened, whined and circled around the top of the pillows. Waking  up dazed, wondering what was hurting her – we were confused. Then 4:04am – EARTHQUAKE.

National Geographic will be getting a phone call,  this Beagle will know when the ‘big’ one is coming.

We’ll keep you posted.

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