Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem *updated*

Kirstie Ally managed to put Jenny Craig on the map with her amazing weight loss success and striking commercial.

Jenny Craig asks how much weight you need to lose and then gives you a few options. While their competition, Nutrisystem, has you provide the fruits, vegetables and milk, but they keep you on their pre-made meals for the entirety of the program.

Now let’s turn to Maddox, my beached sausage whale Beagle, which one is the best for his egregious overeating?

It is really a personal choice, because it depends on your personality and needs. If you want to loose weight independently and just need the benefits of prepared meals, then Nutrisystem would be a good choice.

On the other hand, you might want to go with Jenny Craig if you have a busy lifestyle with no time to prepare healthy meals, and need plenty of support and guidance to loose weight.

I don’t know which program Maddox will choose, however, the act of lying around in a food coma to relieve stomach tension caused from overeating is a common weekly occurrence in our home. And has made me close chums with my fabulous carpet cleaning guy David, along with a stellar Vet bill to boot. For enlightenment please read, (OYE) —> Tension Glass

A brief recap of what McGyver Maddox has conquered since he joined our family in January. In an abbreviated but no particular order:

  • entire batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies (twice)
  • entire pan of Brownies
  • 1/2 bag of Iams Lamb and Rice Adult Dog Food, shamefully again, twice
  • Colander of frozen (yes solid ice) 15 count shrimp (yup the big ones)
  • too many turkey sandwiches to name
  • too many breakfast burritos to follow that…
  • three left over plates of chicken and broccoli and finally,
  • tonight’s leftover chicken Alfredo.

Which always makes him feel like this. Dang will this Beagle EVER learn!

Will I ever learn? It’s getting more and more difficult to out smart McGyver Maddox, (definition here ). I believe he is secretly working on his levitating skills.

So he can conquer this…. one of these

On a serious note, this is what sausage Maddox is eating now a-days. I affectionately call it “Jenny-Dawg”

Hill’s Prescription Diet® r/d® Canine is a complete and balanced food that provides all the nutrition your dog needs, to help him loose those unsightly chubby fat rolls.

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