One drop can change everything

Beagle are often used as a detection dog due to their EXTREMELY keen sense of smell. They are the dog of choice when it comes to contraband and detecting Wacky Toobacky. In the doggie world, their sense of smell is superior; they are bested only by the Bloodhound.

Species Number of Scent Receptors

Humans 5 million

Beagle 225 million

Bloodhound 300 million

So, you can predict, upon returning home from a delightful evening with Oliver


The cheating inquisition occurred for the ultimate act of betrayal.

The Beagle Brigade supplied the third degree, I did not smell like their alpha female.  With that being said, it only takes one foreign doggie interaction 

(drop of perfume) to change everything.

 The Beagles did not care for the new scent of Oliver, they feel left out. They let me know I needed to shower and put on the proper perfume they know and love.

Moving on to human terms, there’s something incredibly powerful about walking through a room and leaving a scent. Something that’s specific to you.  Furthermore, you remember the scent as much as you remember the men and women who wore them.  One whiff brings nostalgia of a person, a place, an event in your life; all having powerful memories.


The following is a list of a some delightful finds I have come across over the years that are now nostaligic. Maybe yours is on the list? Let’s see.

Micheal Kors 

current and primary fragrance,

began wearing it circa 2000.

This is what my ‘littles’ (including Beagles) will remember, I do not wish to change because of this and honestly, I’m not tired of it.



Allure by Chanel

Married, no kids, circa 1997 – 2000 


Quelques Flues 

Some, but mostly post College, circa 1994 – 1997 


Coco Chanel

Fragrance when I met D.H. circa 1990 – 1994 


Calyx Prescriptive 

long before coming across the concept  “less is more”  circa 1985 – 1990 


Lancome Magie Noire

doused myself in it before my 8th grade Christmas dance 


Egoiste Chanel

Darling Husband

(there is a Chanel pattern forming here) D.H wears this – swoon


Vera Wang Princess

  Oldest Daughter, teaching her ‘less is more’ right now

(PSA – this replaces Loves Baby Soft) 


Madame Rochas (discontinued)

Gigi – (short for Great Grammie, my AMAZING Grammie)

she wore this when I was “little”


some of the best feelings, experience, love.

She sent me her last bottle (unopened) a few years back.

I cherish it, and look at it each morning.

she is 96.

:: wiping tears :: 

  Oscar De La Renta


Her current fragrance. She wears this when going out with her young hubby in his 80’s.

Both of her fragrance choices epitomize class and femininity.

They have always suited her. 

Strange, all of the following fragrances have suited the friend mentioned, beautifully. I don’t feel it’s a coincidence.



 L’Air du Temps


After a night out, I recall breathing this in when she came in at the wee hours

to check on me pretending to be asleep as a child. 


 Ann Klein II (discontinued)


She wore this to our wedding (1995), tried to buy a bottle recently, it was going for over $600

Who would have ever thought?

Time to find a new one for her….  Mother’s Day!


 Romance by Ralph Lauren


This man can make any cologne smell good. 


  Sung for Men


He is in the market for a new one, ready for a change.



  Beautiful by Estee Lauder


She enjoyed the Estee Lauder samples from Mom, this one especially. 



 Quelques Flues

 Ms. Kammi 

fabulous, classy, sophisticated – suites her perfectly 


Yves Saint Laurent 'Paris' Eau de Parfum Natural Spray  


Ms Paige and Ms Jackie

Both of these ladies have changed from this scent at this point in their lives,

but the aroma will always make me smile from the memories of our time together as kids in junior high. 



 Ms. Nikki

She always smelled divine in the late 80’s/early 90’s with Bijan. (She still does)

I would bath in this as her roommate, (after asking for permission, of course – sometimes) but it always smelled better on her!

Her boyfriend at the time loved it, he is now her Darling Hubbie. Hmmm


 Sung by Alfred Sung

Ms. Nam

Really don’t know where to start. An aroma that recalls

(warning adjective avalanche ahead)

freedom, renewal, sexiness, dancing, Hollywood, college boys, naughtiness, road trips, laughter, everything that is beautiful, fun  and delightful.


Escada Beach Kiss (discontinued)

 Ms. Jenna 

Smells like the beach, all the good essences from sand and water.

Coconut, salt air, fresh breezes, vanilla.

I tried to find a bottle for her, as a surprise gift, but had no such luck on Craigslist, Ebay, etc…. Darn you Escada.

However, I did find a  good replacement for Escada Beach Kiss ….


Versace Versace

Ms. Jen

Since Escada Beach Kiss was gonzo, drat it also would have been perfect for Ms. Jen’s birthday present, this was the most similar fragrance.


L.A.M.B by Gwen Stephani

Owner – T.B.D.

While searching high and low for an Escada Beach Kiss replica, this fragrance was an absolute stand out. Really good stuff.


Kai Perfume Oil...pure perfume in a roll on

Kai Perfume

Ms Kamala

Lush, clean, exotic, feminine and flirtatious



Michael Kors Island

Ms. Courtney

  Brilliant, vibrant,  smooth, enchanting, colorful and most definitely alluring. Perfect for her.


Issay Miyake

Ms. Maylin

Fabulous, fresh, stylish, dazzling, modern and innovative 


Romance Perfume by Ralph Lauren

Ms. Julie

 Timeless, velvety, centered and seductive


Child Perfume

Ms. Lindsey

Brilliant, Bold, Romantic, beautifully designed stand out, the most sought after hard-to-find in the cult-niche world of beauty.



Ms. Quinn

an embodiment of sophistication, genius and style, absolutely.



Mr. Rich

Everyone asks what he wears, he plays coy.

He wishes to keep this original under lock and key.

He always smells great while drinking aged scotch with D.H.

 Ms. Quinn, his wife would agree.


(no lies) Paco Rabanne

Mr. Tayt

He smells fabulous.  

I have seen groups women ask what he is wearing at cocktail parties. Must be that ole high school/college aroma connection. He always giggles and admits to his ole stand by freely.

 So, what is your Signature Scent?

Please share, would love to be enlightened!


6 responses

  1. Steve Bush


    April 21, 2010 at 1:25 pm

  2. Chanel No5 for a million years. First bottle when I was 9. Then for some reason started wearing Amerige (oscar de la renta)….and now I wear…and this is embarassing, White Shoulders. My grandma wore it. And I saw it in the drug store and bought bottle just to smell it. And well…I wear it too some times.


    April 22, 2010 at 5:10 am

  3. Let me elaborate. I used to be a cologne whore. When I was a teenager, I had a medicine cabinet of 15 fragrances. I hit the standards, Calvin, Polo, Drakar, Xeryus, Quarum, but also rocked some rare ones Mackie, Jil Sander, Joop. I was a total cologne-0-phile. Since I got married, I’ve cut back. My signature Carolina Herrera lasts me longer than a year. I don’t know how to explain that. Perhaps I’ve given up? I will usually wear a after shave. Currently, I have Allure for Men and Pleasures (again, for Men).

    I’ve purchased Caylyx for an ex-GF, and it smelled like a weed on her olive skin, but I loved it on most other girls/women. “Beautiful” was a big fav, as was “Jessica McClintock.” I worked in Ladies Shoes at Nordstrom for six summers/winters while going through undergrad, so I was always in close proximity to those Clinique white lab coats. There weren’t too many straight 18-year-old men who could pick out fragrances on women; I was one of them.

    What an interesting stroll down the olfactory memory lane this was. Thanks for that.

    April 22, 2010 at 11:53 am

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  5. I finally came across this post somehow I missed this one – I LOVE it – very cool idea. You know I wear MK too… probably why I don’t “smell” you, your like home to me GF.

    May 11, 2010 at 11:01 pm

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