“I had some work done” an {Intimacy} Confession

Yes, I did have some work done, but let’s not start at the end of the story.

I am going to hit the ‘rewind’ button to let you see how it ALL went down.

Chapter 1:  I was intrigued by The Modchik’s post regarding her fit assessment at {Intimacy}; followed by her delightful purchases and the ultimate Modchik Blog {Intimacy} $100 GIVEAWAY. Whoa!

[Click HERE to enter for a chance at $100 gift certificate to one lucky reader.] Please do, trust me. It is really, super really, worth it.

Chapter 2: I was contacted and thrilled to be included in a Cleavage and Cupcakes event at South Coast Plaza benefiting CHOC this week. I’m still on a bra bender today and thought I’d share this delightful find with my friends. Here are a few photos The Modchik shared to help tell the story:

Chapter 3: Enter the lovely Susan Nethero the founder of {intimacy}.  She looks down upon under wire ribbing that cuts into the shy boobie, straps that fall down or elastic that digs in with no relent around the rib cage, and cups that aren’t filled properly.   {intimacy} has locations nation wide, but in Southern California last week the Century City mall and  South Coast Plaza were her “grand opening” work horses.

Kathleen Tip: [at South Coast Plaza park by Bloomingdale’s, {intimacy} is located on the first floor next to the fabulously revamped Banana Republic]

IMG 3661 The OC Bra Wisperer its {GIVEAWAY} time!

From the lovely Blythe “Nethero trained under the Queen of England’s royal bra fitter, and has helped over 100,00 women find the right bra size for their unique shape. She’s been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, and has made a host of other T.V. appearances”.  (click here to read Blyth’s post).

Chapter 4: I loved the store. It was filled with hundreds of dollars of things I would someday purchase. Dang Nabit, why doesn’t that money tree bloom! (DH cover your ears sweetie) Check out the nighties that were calling my name, wanting to be purchased to  find a place in my pajama drawer.    Intimacy South Coast Plaza-011Intimacy South Coast Plaza-017  Intimacy South Coast Plaza-019 Intimacy South Coast Plaza-034

I loved this one.

Intimacy South Coast Plaza-039 

Then I turned my attention to the “over the shoulder boulder holders”.

Please take note that when I arrived at {intimacy} I was feeling overly confident that I was ‘all-good’ in the bra fitting department and needed no assistance in the fitting.


Intimacy South Coast Plaza-022 Intimacy South Coast Plaza-027 


    Intimacy South Coast Plaza-041

In my mind I have ALWAYS BEEN a card carrying member of 34 almost A.

We have jackets.

But when Susan’s team accompanied me into the fitting room, they went to work. The results, “girl, you have plenty to work with” let’s just put it in the right place. I went pale with shock.  She then showed me a number from Germany (with no padding I might add) that would make Marilyn Monroe smile with envy.

Not Kidding.

You are now reading about a  34A who became a 34B with the proper fitting.

I even had the entire staff as well as the Modchik confirm the findings.

Nasa…we have lift off.

I went to a 34B; fabulously I might add, in a matter of minutes.

A lifetime of applause; I hear it from the third tier seats.

Thank you, Thank you.

You also can ‘have some work done’ by visiting the ultra talented ladies at {intimacy}

who will fit you with the most amazing bra and have your life changed.

Chapter 5: Confession, I bought TWO. Then while carrying my bag I found this…

  Intimacy South Coast Plaza-044

A sports bra. Oh My Goodness. Look at that detail.

  Intimacy South Coast Plaza-053

How fantastically lovely  

  Intimacy South Coast Plaza-057

I wanted this so much, I was about to run back to the register.

But alas it would have been a little too much for one night.

That’s okay. Because….

anything you cannot afford {intimacy} will put on your profile wish list.

I am so excited now DH on Valentines day has, or any day for that matter, a definite go-to shop!

Intimacy South Coast Plaza-058

 On a final note, check out this carry case for the ‘girls’ proper attire.

TSA may be excitedly curious when they check your luggage.

Just smile and wave friends.  Smile and wave.

{intimacy} has stores across the country click here for store hours.

ATLANTA • Phipps Plaza • 404 261 9333

BOSTON • Copley Place • 857.277.7887

CHICAGO • The 900 Shops • 312.337.8366

DALLAS • NorthPark Center • 214.989.7895

HOUSTON • The Galleria Mall • 832.397.6960

LOS ANGELES • Century City • 310.734.8598

MIAMI • Aventura Mall • 786.629.9229

NEW YORK • Madison @ 90th • 212.860.8366

NEW YORK • Third @ 62nd • 646.395.3885

ORANGE COUNTY • South Coast Plaza • 657.622.0595

You can also follow intimacy on twitter and facebook.

Have a great weekend.  See you next week.

kathleen sign lavendar

5 responses

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  2. Thanks for the twitter follow, I love Intimacy and went on a hunt for them in NYC when I first moved there a few years back from the many citations on What Not to Wear. Very awesome. Kinda expensive but totally worth it, just wish they were closer by to my new locale, Buffalo, NY 🙂

    Ps CUPCAKES too? Die!

    August 22, 2010 at 4:01 pm

  3. that bra is adorable! You (and DH) will be lucky to have it for Valentine’s! 🙂

    I don’t think I met you at bootcamp…but I wish I had! I’m completely obsessed with beagles, and yours are too cute for words. My Ernie is passed out on the floor next to me right now.

    August 23, 2010 at 10:45 pm

  4. That was a very well done review post. I have no interest in having someone assess my ginormous boobs (already reduced ONCE and they came back)….but if I did? I would go there.

    August 26, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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