Obsession Confession – Shop Talk {Stella & Dot and Anthropologie}

Confession, I am on a jewelry bender. 

That Stella and Dot trunk show lit a fire beneath me to the point of obsession.  

I have become greedy… all I want is more more more. 

Please send help. 

Here is my embarrassingly ginormous wish list.  

STELLA & DOT first. 


  1. Chelesa Necklace gold
  2. Signature Clover Necklace
  3. La Coco Brooch Necklace Silver
  4. Bridgette Bauble Necklace
  5. Petra Braided Necklace
  6. Audrey Cluster Bracelet
  7. Stella Vintage Link Bracelet – Gold
  8. Soiree Pearl Pave Bracelet
  9. Grace Pearl Bauble Bracelet
  10. Bella Fleur Ring – Gold
  11. Stackable Deco Rings
  12. Vintage Cluster Ring

And a bit more from Anthropologie 

Yes, I realize I have a problem. 


  1. Color Eternity Bracelet
  2. Nonpareil Bracelet
  3. Docile Bloom Bracelet
  4. Machu Picchu Bracelet
  5. Configured Corolla Bracelet Pink
  6. Configured Corolla Bracelet Blue
  7. Sunlit Trellis Bracelet
  8. Frozen Flash Necklace
  9. Stepping Stone Necklace
  10. Liquid Facets Necklace
  11. Gumdrop Necklace


The Check-In Hostess matched her surrounding. She had a divine necklace from Macy


The clear crystal baubles, just like the one the Hostest was wearing at the W Hotel in Hollywood  was perhaps the primer that got this little infatuation rolling.


I’m mailing this list to Santa, he has some time, it’s only 3.5 months away.


kathleen sign light blue 

maddox face 027 

5 responses

  1. You’re in luck!! I’ll be hosting a trunk show in a few weeks & of course you’re invited!! Hope u can wait that long! 😉

    September 2, 2010 at 7:03 am

  2. Chris

    LOL!!! Maybe if your a good girl Santa will bring you some extra (Underlines Extra)
    Good Luck! 😀

    September 2, 2010 at 7:15 am

  3. Chris

    Woops it didn’t under line… I feel ashamend now…

    September 2, 2010 at 7:16 am

  4. Do you love Stella&Dot too? As a Star Stylist for the company, I will do a Trunk Show for you and your girlfriends. I bring the jewelry to your home – set it up like a boutique and am your personal stylist for the night. As the hostess – you earn FREE jewelry like Kathleen and Lindsey did! check out my web site http://www.stelladot.com/jesschatterton. Contact me to set up a trunk show! The holidays are just around the corner! email jesschatterton@yahoo.com

    September 2, 2010 at 9:00 pm

  5. Mine’s still broken, but I’m keeping it, just getting it fixed. I am going to spend some time at some of these web sites.

    September 2, 2010 at 10:32 pm

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